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When it comes to finding the best way to train your dog, each method can be based on the
preference of the owner, as well as the time and patience that need to go into the training.
Nonetheless, e-collar training has become a more prevalent form of training your pet
quickly and efficiently. With that in mind, our team at Big N’ Small Paws 317 has come up with the top five reasons why you should consider e-collar training with your pet. 5 benefits of using a dog training collar.

To Give Your Dog Instant Feedback

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A remote-controlled training collar gives your pet instant feedback on commands and
behaviors. This can be crucial to long-term pet performance because it helps them
accurately identify what behaviors are right, as well as which ones are wrong.

To Gain Off-Leash Control

E-collar training can allow your dog to gain freedom while off their leash. Starting with the
dog’s leash on, you can gradually transition to training without a leash over the course of a
couple of weeks. From there, your dog will be able to obey commands even when you are
not close to them, ultimately giving your dog more opportunities to run, play, and enjoy life.
For example, some activities that you and your dog could enjoy off-leash with an e-collar
include hiking in the mountains, walking on the beach, or even staying at a campsite.

To Reduce Stress and Overall Frustration

Benefits of e-collar training when used correctly, e-collar training can be a skill that your pet picks up on fairly quickly.
As a result, you should be seeing results and an overall change in behavior within the first
few weeks of training. Since e-collar training usually takes less time than some of the other
forms of training, such as positive reinforcement or positive punishment training, it takes
out the overall stress and frustration of accurately training your pet.

To Use in Certain Situations and Distractions

In particular circumstances, it can be essential to guarantee that a dog is always under control. With that in mind, e-collar training can be utilized as a kind of distraction in instances where your dog would be required to be loyal or well-behaved. When using the e-collar as a type of interruption, the feeling of the collar will allow your pet to focus on you instead of what is entering the front of them, permitting them to remain under control when need be.

To Provide Better Communication with Your Dog

The sensation of the e-collar can be considered the bridge in communication between you
and your dog. Since dogs need instant and clear feedback while being trained, this form of
feedback makes it easier for your dog to pick up on which behaviors deserve positive
This type of training can be preferred over yelling at your pet when they do something bad.

Learn More About E-Collar Training Today

Overall, the use of e-collar training contains long-term benefits for dog owners that want to
put time and effort into the practice. For more information regarding the benefits of e-
collar training your pet, or if you are looking for a reputable team to help you train your
dog, please contact us today.

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